Quick Guide - Manage Broadcasts, Filters and Consent Profiles

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Quick Guide - Manage Broadcasts, Filters and Consent Profiles

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It is likely that users will often need to manage multiple broadcasts at the same time, which demand different opt-in/opt-out conditions. The following provides a guide to setting up different consent profiles for concurrent broadcasts and related messages.



Step 1 - Set up Consent Profile(s)

Go to Setup > Company Setup > Consent Management > Show Consent Profiles.



The 'Consent Profile Summary' screen will be displayed.


Click 'New'. The 'New Consent Profile' screen will be displayed.


Complete all fields on each tab as required. Key fields include:



Consent Profile Details


Name - Choose a name which you can easily identify with the related broadcast.


Consent Group - Every new consent profile must be associated with a pre-existing shared group (consent profiles cannot be assigned to personal groups). It is also important to note that every contact within the group must have a valid mobile number and email address stored in the platform in order for consent communications to work correctly.



Opt-Out Management


Stop Response (Opt-Out Management) - This is the text that will be sent to any recipients who reply to a message with the 'Opt-out' keyword (e.g. 'STOP'). For example: 'You have been successfully removed from our mailing list.'


Opt-Out MOBILE/VOICE/EMAIL/LOCATION - If the check box is ticked next to one of these communication types, and an 'Opt-out' response is received, the customer will no longer receive that type of message.



Help Management


If you wish to provide support details in response to a predefined 'HELP' keyword, complete this section.


Opt-In Management


Opt-In Response - This is the text that will be sent to any recipients who reply to a message with the 'Opt-In' keyword (e.g. 'IN'). For example: 'Thank you. You have been added to our mailing list.'


Allow SMS Invitation - Ticking this box enables an to be sent to contacts who you would like to add to a group.


Invitation SMS - Type/paste the invitation message. For example: 'Reply 'IN' to opt-in for future communications.



Non-Pool Address Associations


Each unique consent profile must be assigned at least one non-pool Address by clicking the check box. This number will be used to send responses to a customer, and allows easier tracking of traffic.


These are the minimum criteria for a new consent profile. Full descriptions of the available fields can be found in the consent management Help pages. You can define as many profiles as you wish however only one group can be associated with each.



Step 2 - Set up Broadcast Message(s)

Go to SMS tab and click 'New Broadcast'.


Complete all required fields. For more information about setting up a broadcast, go to SMS Broadcast.



Step 3 - Assign Filter and Consent Profile to the Broadcast

Depending on the nature of the broadcast, users may wish to assign a filter which, used in combination with a consent profile, will ensure that communications are not sent without the recipients' permission.


Go to the 'Consent' tab in the 'New SMS Broadcast' screen.



Outbound Filter Type - Choosing 'Blacklist' means that any members of a list defined in the 'Outbound Filter List' field will be excluded from receiving the current broadcast message.


Outbound Filter List - Choose an existing list. This should contain any contacts who have previously opted-out, and should match the 'Add to Blacklist' drop-down box selection. Any future opt-out messages received in response to the broadcast message will trigger the addition of the contact to this list.


Consent Profile - Choose the appropriate consent profile as set up in step 1. This determines the way message responses are treated by the platform.


Append Opt-Out Message - Tick this box to ensure that an opt-out permission prompt is added to the broadcast message.


Add to Blacklist - Contacts who send an 'Opt-Out' response will automatically be added to this list and, provided this matches the 'Outbound Filter List', will not receive further communications.


You can now save the broadcast, launch the broadcast, or store it as a template.


Repeat the above steps for every concurrent broadcast you wish to run.





Maximum of one consent profile per broadcast message;


Minimum of one non-pool address number per consent profile (mandatory);


Maximum of one shared group per consent profile (mandatory);


Each contact within the associated shared group must have a valid mobile number AND email address.


Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.