Quick Guide - Create a Whitelist for a Broadcast

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Quick Guide - Create a Whitelist for a Broadcast

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Any existing standard list can be used as a whitelist. It should contain the details of all customers who have opted-in to receive messages.



Step 1 - Go to Lists

Go to Address Book and open List Summary





Step 2 - Create a new List

Choose list type (Shared or Personal) when prompted.


Type a name and description for the list.


Select the method by which you will input the list i.e. 'Text', 'Upload' or 'Automatic'.


In the ‘Content’ text box, enter one destination per line, where the first field should always be a telephone number or an email address. You can also include other fields separated by a comma, which can be used to personalise your messages.





Step 3 - Assign Whitelist filter to a Broadcast Message

Click 'SMS' tab. The 'SMS Home' screen will be displayed.




Click 'Consent' tab. This is where filtering options are defined for the broadcast. Select 'Whitelist' from the 'Outbound Filter Type' drop-down menu.


Choosing this option means that messages will only be sent to recipients who are included in BOTH the 'Destinations' tab AND the selected whitelist.


Select whitelist name, as defined in Step 3, from the 'Outbound Filter List' drop-down menu.


Select a Consent Profile from the drop-down menu if appropriate. This determines the way opt-in/opt-out requests are managed within the broadcast.


If you want to provide an opt-out option for recipients, click the 'Append opt-out message' check box, and select a blacklist from the drop-down menu. Any recipient who responds with the opt-out keyword (defined in consent profile) will be automatically added to this blacklist.



The whitelist filter should now be successfully assigned. Broadcast messages will only be sent to members of this list who are also designated as recipients on the 'Destinations' tab.

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.