Personal Information - Change Password

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Personal Information - Change Password

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Change the password you use to log into SOPRANO MEMS.


Click the 'Change Password' link in 'Personal Setup > Personal Information' to open the 'Change Password' screen.


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Change Password  




Login Details




Old Password


The temporary password sent to your email address (i.e. the password you used to log in to the current page).


New Password


Type or paste a new password.




Password restrictions:


Minimum length: 8 characters


Maximum length: 16 characters (for SMPP API users, password must be 8 characters)


Cannot have 3 or more single characters repeating (i.e. the password cannot contain 'aaa' or '111').


Must contain 1 or more of the following:


1 digit (e.g. 0-9);


1 upper-case alphabetic character (e.g. A-Z);


1 lower-case alphabetic character (e.g. a-z);



Verify Password

Re-type/paste your new password.


Information Updates


Tick check box to receive updates about SOPRANO MEMS services by email.



Store changes and exit




Note: All temporary passwords sent to users are configured, by default, to expire after 30 minutes - a new password change needs to be initiated at this time.

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.