Character Sets

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Character Sets

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HTTP Interface Character Set Limitations

The following characters are not supported through the SMS Network:  ^ { } \ [ ~ ] | ?


However, you may still use the following characters:  @ $ _


You may use the escape sequence below for the above characters


Character Representation

Escape Character










Q: When sending a message with a $ character some handsets display this as an upside down question mark "¿" <00BF> character, why is this?

A: The HTTP API supports both '$' and '\u00A4'. Previously the user had to put in the character encoding \u00A4 for it to work properly. On older systems you will need to put '\u00A4' not 'u00A4' in the text.


Q: Is $ character <0024> ie /u0024 like in UTF-8?

A: No, for SMS Unicode encoding is /u00A4.


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