Escalation - Create New Escalation Template

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Escalation - Create New Escalation Template

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Under the "Summary" page, fill in the following details:


Name : Enter the name to be assigned to the Escalation template.

Description : Briefly describe the template's purpose.

Subject : Provide the subject that the template addresses.


Note: Fields marked with '*' are mandatory.


Under the "Delivery Options" page, define the various delivery related fields for the Escalation template.


Reply Management




Reply To Address Type :  Choose from the following options.



Reply To Address : Based on the option chosen from the above list, provide the contact information for responses.

Consent Management

The consent management comes as part of the users who would like to opt-out or have actively requested to NOT be included to be part of the Escalation messages list.


Outbound Filter Type - Choosing 'Blacklist' means that any members of a list defined in the 'Outbound Filter List' field will be excluded from receiving the current broadcast message. For more information on Whitelist, refer chapter 'Quick Guide - Create a Whitelist for a Broadcast' under Quick Guides - Lists.


Outbound Filter List - Choose an existing list. This should contain any contacts who have previously opted-out, and should match the 'Add to Blacklist' drop-down box selection. Any future opt-out messages received in response to the broadcast message will trigger the addition of the contact to this list.


Consent Profile - Choose the appropriate consent profile as set up. This determines the way message responses are treated by the platform.


Add to Blacklist - Contacts who send an 'Opt-Out' response will automatically be added to this list and, provided this matches the 'Outbound Filter List', will not receive further communications.


Batch Size : Edit the batch size here.


Batch Interval : Edit the interval between batches here.


Maximum Messages : This feature is useful if you are not sure how many recipients there are in a list but you want to limit the number of messages sent so that you don’t exceed your broadcast budget.


Once all relevant fields have been filled out, click on the button to finish creating an Escalation template.

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.