Design a Layout

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Design a Layout

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When creating a new Workflow Message from scratch, the easiest way to begin planning the layout is through the use of a table. Using a table, elements can be arranged and aligned in the available space provided for your message, enabling you to quickly and easily create a professional-looking form. To begin, select the Table option from the menu.


Select the number of rows and columns you want to include in your table and then click to insert it into the editor.



The table will be created with a standard border. The red dotted line indicates the bottom of the element and the return symbol inserts a line break after the table in order to allow another element to be inserted below it.


To edit the table, drag the columns or rows to resize them. Right clicking on the table brings up the table context menu which allows you to edit the rows, columns and cells (including merging, adding and deleting); delete the table; or adjust the table properties such as the cell borders, cell spacing and padding, and the table width and height.

Make the required changes to the table by merging cells, adding or removing rows or columns, and adjusting the cell borders, spacing and padding as desired. Once complete, you will have a framework for your message content. An example of a table layout of a message ready for content is below. It contains a heading area, a graphic/map section on the left, four cells for text and inputs in the middle and a submission/button area on the bottom right hand side.


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