Navigating the SOPRANO MEMS Web Portal

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Navigating the SOPRANO MEMS Web Portal

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You can navigate between pages and select options using standard text and button links. On individual pages, you can also edit or update information using standard text fields, drop-down lists, radio buttons and pop-up menus.





Overview of sections on the page:


Section 1: Quick Menu - Located in the top right-hand corner; includes Setup, Online Help, Bookmark and Logout links.


Section 2: Horizontal Bar - Applications bar. Click the desired tab to display a drop-down menu containing the application's available functions. From the main page of each application, you can create new orders and edit, clone or delete existing orders.


Section 3: Vertical Bar - Contains your account message balance, last login time, useful links relating to setup, and recent items. The 'Setup' links allow you to manage users, licences, contacts, lists, message settings, product settings and personal information. The recent items are the most recent orders or settings that you have created/modified. The menu boxes are collapsible.


Section 4: Main Body - Quick links to common functions. This section is customised depending on your user level.


Section 5: Privacy and Terms of Use Statements - Click link(s) to view.

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.