StaffSafe - How does StaffSafe Work?

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StaffSafe - How does StaffSafe Work?

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Before you can send a 'Check' SMS in StaffSafe you must first have the completed the following steps:


Get an SMS access number

Setup StaffSafe preferences

Add employees to the system



Principles of StaffSafe

Under normal operation SOPRANO MEMS StaffSafe will poll an employee periodically to confirm that they are safe.


If the user does not confirm their safety they are sent a message to confirm again, and if they don't respond their escalation contact will be sent an SMS and/or emailed, to raise to them that there is an issue.


At any time, the worker can trigger an escalation by sending an SMS containg the text 'ASSIST'.




Scenario 1: Employee Triggers StaffSafe with ‘start’ SMS


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