Handset Profiles - New Handset Profile

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Handset Profiles - New Handset Profile

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Create a handset profile to determine how messages will be rendered on a particular phone model.





Click the 'Handset Profile' link in 'Company Setup > Handset Profile' to open the 'Handset Profile Summary' screen.


Click button in the title bar to create a new Handset Profile (this page will be automatically displayed if there are no existing Handset Profiles).






New Handset Profile  





Handset Profile Details





The name that you wish to associate with the handset profile (note: this should be the same which you reference in the Subscriber Profile Lists set up in the 'Subscriber' settings).




The number of pixels in the horizontal direction that a handset MMS client can support.




The running time of an MMS slideshow.




The number of pixels in the vertical direction that a handset MMS client can support.


URL Navigation


Provides flexibility to customise the call-to-action text within the MMS message appropriate to the handset.


This text will replace the '$URLnavigation' variable if used in MMS messages tailored for this type of handset.


e.g. 'Find out more, simply scroll down and press Go To URL'




Store changes and exit



Undo any changes and exit.





Example of what you may enter with respect to screen resolution:


Model - Default


Width -  128


Height - 160


Duration - 15



Examples of common screen resolutions:



Source: http://sender11.typepad.com/sender11/2008/04/mobile-screen-s.html


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