StaffMatch - Application Overview

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StaffMatch - Application Overview

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StaffMatch is a real-time shift vacancy notification and shift fulfillment solution that can be integrated with leading HR and payroll applications.


StaffMatch harnesses the power of SMS to more effectively manage the allocation of staff to shifts, thereby removing the cost and time involved in manually contacting staff by telephone.



Key Features

Enterprise-Grade Solution


SOPRANO MEMS StaffMatch has the flexibility & scalability to grow with your business.


Managers Managing


Frees up time for managers to focus on other tasks.


Eliminate External Agency Costs


On-board staff management system, automated job notifications, matching and fulfillment allow for better management of an internal staff pool, thereby reducing the need for outsourcing to an agency.


Forward Roster Completion


Augments your existing rostering system by ensuring that your staff accept and confirm their shift times faster.


On-Demand Fulfillment


Whether scheduled or triggered by an on demand incident, StaffMatch helps build your best team.


Improve Fill Rates


Automatically filter out all staff that are not available or suited for the shift before offers are sent to maximise fill rates and ensure that the right staff get the shift.


Reporting and Analysis


Real-time reporting of shift offers as well as historical auditing and analytics.




The benefits of SOPRANO MEMS StaffMatch are:


Fairer for staff, as all eligible employees are offered a shift, rather than just the ones that can be contacted by phone in the time available.


Greater productivity - eliminates the need to spend hours doing the traditional ‘phone-around’ to fill shifts, freeing up management time for other tasks.


More cost-effective - sending SMS is cheaper than making phone calls.


More motivated staff - people who want to work are accepting the shifts.


More business flexibility to deal with fluctuations in service demand.


Reduce personnel expenses by hiring a core number of permanent staff, supplemented by casual and shift-based staff when the demand arises.  


Deploy your workforce more efficiently and cost-effectively by aligning it with business demands.


Maintain service levels by reducing the length of time a shift remains unfilled.


Sophisticated reporting functions to identify your most responsive and least responsive employees,


Automate processes and optimise workforce performance.


Simplify human resources processes for managers and employees, and deliver greater value to your organization.


Reduce costs and improve productivity by managing all of your labor resources in real time.


Manage labor resources better through automated job/shift notification and confirmation via SMS.


Control costs and overheads by making more efficient use of shift-based/casual staff


Control absenteeism and the associated costs by filling vacant shifts faster.


Hire the best people for the job with automated skills matching.


Make better decisions faster with real-time statistics and reports.


Improve workflow and communication by leveraging the anytime, anywhere nature of mobile messaging.



Cost savings and other benefits are realised through:


Automation - removing touch points and cost (especially agency fees).


Reduction in the number of staff needed to cover relief within the network.


Improved rates on casual placements.


Improved MIS around process.


Better engagement of casual staff.


Improved customer service levels.


Online order for casual relief.


Reduce the number of parties involved to fill a vacancy.


Remove agency from casual order process.


Automate payments of casual staff.


Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.