Templates - Radar Order Template

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Templates - Radar Order Template

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The 'Radar Order Template' screen lists all the Radar orders that have been saved as templates.





Click the 'Radar Order Template' link in Radar tab drop-down menu (also accessible via 'Setup' menu on left-hand side).


View or edit your personal Radar templates here.





You can save any orders you create as templates to be edited and re-used as necessary in future. The following button is available on all 'New' order pages.


Store your message details as a template for later use.



Radar Order Template Summary  








Click a template name to view/edit details or select one of the following actions:



Opens an identical copy, which you can edit as necessary and re-use.



Change details. Click here for more information.



Remove permanently from the system


Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.