Authenticator - Review One-Time Password Details

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Authenticator - Review One-Time Password Details

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The details of any one-time password can be checked by clicking 'Valid Until Date' i.e. from the 'Token Summary' page.


Token Details: Token-Product  


 One-Time Passwords



OTP details are:



OTP Details: Date/Time  






All completed challenges are listed on the screen.



Date and Time Challenged


Indicates when the 'Challenge' action was completed




MATCHED - the OTP has been challenged successfully


EXPIRED - the challenge came after the expiry


REJECTED - the challenge was rejected as OTP did not match.


Blank (not challenged yet)




If the challenge came from the portal, the Requestor is the IP address of the user who was logged into the portal. If the challenge came over the RADIUS or HTTP interface, then the Requestor would be the IP address of the server i.e. Access Server.


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