StaffMatch - Shift Location

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StaffMatch - Shift Location

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This section allows you to set up job locations, which you can select when creating a shift order, so that potential employees know where they need to go. You may wish to define physical addresses (e.g. 100 George Street) or a department within a location (e.g. Accounting Department).





Click the 'Shift Employee' link in 'Company Setup > StaffMatch' to open the 'Shift Employee Summary' screen.


View, edit or create your company's shift time definitions here.





Shift Location Summary  






Create a new shift location definition.








Click a Shift Location name to view details.



Change details.






New Shift Location  





Shift Location Details





The name of the job site (e.g. Chatswood Store, Bondi Beach).




The physical address of the job site (e.g. 100 George Street, Sydney).





Store changes and exit



Undo any changes and exit.


Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.