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StaffSafe - Home

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This section allows you to view stored StaffSafe employees, create or import new employees, and send check messages.




Clicking the 'StaffSafe' tab at the top of the interface opens the 'StaffSafe' drop-down menu.


Click 'StaffSafe' to open the 'StaffSafe Home' screen, the main hub for managing StaffSafe employees.





StaffSafe: Home






Create a new StaffSafe employee.



Import a CSV file containing a list of employees.





The employees display gives you a live view of your employees. When staff are active, their records are floated to the top of the view and their current status and shift details are displayed.


The potential statuses are:


ESCALATED: Red (Staff member has not responded. Escalation messages have been sent.)

WAITING: Orange (Staff member has been sent a Check message but has not yet responded.)

OK: Light Yellow (Staff member is up to date on check message responses and is classed as OK.)

INACTIVE: Grey, variegated for ease of reading. (Staff member is not currently checked into a shift.)






To select an employee, click the check box at the beginning of their row. Click a name to open their record and view the messages they have been sent, their responses and status changes.



Send a check message to the selected employees.


Check out the selected employees, ending their current shift.



Edit the selected employee details.



Delete the employee record.



Locate the employee (this option may not be available).


Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.