StaffSafe - Application Overview

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StaffSafe - Application Overview

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Product Summary


SOPRANO MEMS StaffSafe enables clients to harness the power of SMS to significantly and efficiently enhance the security of staff working in the field.





Mobility within the workforce is a growing trend with an increasing number of staff working outside a fixed office location. There is a heightened safety risk for staff that work alone or in remote areas, travel long distances, visit client homes or have physically demanding jobs.


Examples include:


Nurses providing in-home care to patients;


Council employees providing home services to the elderly;


Financial planners, mortgage brokers and real estate agents visiting clients in their homes or offices;


Technicians, repairmen and laborers;


Security and event staff;


Teachers and university lecturers.


Ensuring the safety of field employees who work alone is of concern to both employers and their regulators. Consider:


The necessity to provide a duty of care to these staff on par with staff who work on site;


The risk to staff wellbeing if emergencies are not immediately detected, as well the potential for employer liability;


The impact of injured worker on the employee, employer, co-workers and organisation as a whole e.g. sick leave, workers compensation, loss of productivity;


The inefficiency, expense and interruption to business processes that would result from contacting mobile staff individually;


SOPRANO MEMS StaffSafe provides an efficient SMS-based application, which significantly enhances the safety of mobile staff. The solution is pictured in the figure below:






StaffSafe features include:


Customisable time intervals for check messages, non-response follow up messages and escalation;


Customisable keywords employee can use to trigger escalation;


Access number established to send and receive messages;


Filters, including white lists and blacklists, to determine who can utilise the service e.g. which staff are sent messages;


Option for dedicated Inbound number to support the service;


Define the escalation mobile number and email address;


Define the content/templates of all messages that are sent including 1st and 2nd check messages, escalation messages and cleared escalation messages. Verification message is sent to reduce false escalations;


Comprehensive real time reporting and tracking of messages delivered and received. e.g. by staff member and job identifier;


Integration into existing work force management systems for job dispatch.



Customisations include:


Mobile Applications (iPhone/Blackberry/Android) customisations are also available to interface with the StaffSafe application;


Ability to create and schedule SMS staff checks;


Unanswered check messages will trigger an escalation after a set time;


Can be integrated into existing Work Force Management Systems for Job Dispatch and Tracking;


Detailed reporting, e.g. by staff member and job identifier.




The benefits of StaffSafe are:


Fulfills duty of care obligations for remote and mobile field staff


Enables businesses to keep in touch with their remote and mobile workforce


Earlier detection of threats to staff wellbeing can prevent incidents occurring or minimise the impact on staff and the organisation


Real time tracking and automatic updates keep management informed


Scheduled safety checks ensure faster management response for staff who are injured, unable to respond or in danger, or required assistance.


Enables simple integration into your existing HR, CRM, WFM, BCP and ERP systems


Business communication processes can be automated to increase operational efficiency and reduce the effects of human latency


Flexible deployment and scalability

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.