StaffSafe - Import StaffSafe Employees

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StaffSafe - Import StaffSafe Employees

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Import employee details into SOPRANO MEMS from an external CSV file.




Click the 'StaffSafe' tab at the top of the interface to open the StaffSafe drop-down menu.


Click 'Import Employee' to open the 'Employee Import' screen and begin importing employee details.







Employee Import  





Before you can import employees, you must create a .csv file in Excel which contains all the required information.


There must be no more than one value per cell. Each row represents one employee; each column represents a field in a new employee record in SOPRANO MEMS.


Include all mandatory information, and any optional information.


Any of these values can be included as a column in your .csv file.



General Information

First Name


First, or given, name.


Last Name


Surname, or family name.




A mobile or landline phone number. This is a secondary or alternative number which is stored but not used by SOPRANO MEMS.




Optional fax machine number.




Primary mobile number in international format.


Driver's Licence


Optional driver's licence number.




A nickname or alternate name (e.g. if name is Edward Wood Jr, nickname might be 'Ed').




Primary email address.




Select from the drop-down menu. Timezone should match the recipient's location.




Select the correct denomination. This is the currency the employee is paid in.


Number Plate


Optional vehicle licence plate number




Mailing Address



The physical street address for correspondence (e.g. 100 Walker Street, North Sydney).




The city or town of residence (e.g. Sydney, New York, London)




Country of residence (e.g. Australia, United States, Singapore)


Zip/Postal Code


Mailing zone number or code for the state (e.g. 2060, CA)




Description Information


A free-form field for any other useful information about the employee.




Employee Details

Employee Number


User's unique employee identification number




Employee's job title.


Cost Centre Label


Label used to identify an employee's cost centre (if applicable).


Cost Centre ID


Identifier for employee's related cost centre (if applicable).



Once you have typed/pasted all the employee information you want to import, save the spreadsheet as a '.csv' file type.



Upload CSV File


Locate and select the saved .csv file on your local or network drive.



Navigate to find a file on your computer or network.


Source File Encoding


Default is 'US-ASCII', which supports all English characters. Select an alternative if you need to support international/foreign characters.


First Line is Header Line


Tick this box to ignore the first line of your .csv file when uploading (e.g. if first line contains column headings and not actual employee information).




Once all required fields are complete:



Begin importing data.



Discard all changes and exit.




Map Employee Details

Map the required information from your CSV file to the matching fields. Some fields contain drop-downs which cannot be mapped. Choose the required pre-existing option from these fields.


Once all required fields are complete:



Remove all existing data and replace with the imported file.



Keep the existing data and add only new data from the imported file.


Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.