StaffSafe - Send a Check Message

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StaffSafe - Send a Check Message

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Send a 'check' message to selected employee(s).




Clicking the 'StaffSafe' tab at the top of the interface opens the 'StaffSafe' drop-down menu.


Click 'StaffSafe' to open the 'StaffSafe: Home' screen. You can select employees and send them check messages from here.





StaffSafe: Home









To select an employee, click the check box at the beginning of their row.



Send a check message to the selected employees.



If you click 'Send Check Message' button with no employees selected, you will be prompted with the following:



Click 'OK' to select the relevant employees before clicking the 'Send Check SMS' button again.



If there is no StaffSafe address provisioned, the platform will take you to 'Company Setup > StaffSafe > Preferences'  to set this up.

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.