Voice - Getting Started

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Voice - Getting Started

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Step 1


SOPRANO MEMS Voice is only available for those with the Voice licence. Please contact your SOPRANO MEMS Account Executive or email sales@soprano.com.au for more information on Voice.



Step 2


Voice requires setup that may include provisioning of source addresses and other back-end customisations. Before you get started, please ensure that setup is completed and you've received confirmation from the provisioning team.



Step 3


Note that voice delivery is partially reliant upon the hardware and other system configuration at the the receiver's end. It is critical to understand the following in order to maximise the effectiveness of SOPRANO MEMS Voice:



Call durations are measured from the time the call is picked up to the time the call is terminated, and will include the duration of the voice mail prompt of the recipient's voice mailbox.


Certain voice-mail system capacity or settings may prohibit the voice message from being delivered or may restrict the length of the voice message. SOPRANO MEMS Voice does not interpret a recipient's spoken words or interpret the spoken words of the recipient's voice-mail prompt.


Message delivery will be handled according to the parameters that are set by the sender in the SOPRANO MEMS Voice web portal or API. Message delivery will be triggered when a recipient or the recipient's voicemail service answers the call. Any voice prompt will trigger SOPRANO MEMS Voice to deliver the voice message, even if the recipient's voice mailbox is full. Certain voicemail features of the recipient that use automated prompts, such as voice-prompted call screening, will trigger the message to be delivered.


Messages will be set as delivered if the SOPRANO MEMS Voice system starts playing the message. A Voice message is considered 'Undelivered' only if the call times out, a device is not working, or is interrupted while trying to connect i.e. when phone is ringing.


Customers are recommended to always test text-to-speech transcription output for accuracy validation prior to sending.


Supported audio file types are MP3/WAV with maximum size limit is 450KB and length supported is 5 minutes.




Step 4


After you receive confirmation from provisioning team, move to setup or review Company Voice Preferences. Once completed, you are all set to send Voice calls via SOPRANO MEMS portal in just few clicks.


Let's get started!

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.