WebSMS - Simple Template Messaging

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WebSMS - Simple Template Messaging

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An easy to use message sending experience equipped with pre-designed templates available for standard users. With provision for customer administrator to restrict the access to advanced functionality of MEMS, simple template messaging provides ready made templates with editable fields. User can customize inputs as needed, to design a unique SMS for each recipient.


So if you do not wish your users to deep dive and rather use a fast, simpler and reconstructed version of “Send SMS” - use Simple Template Messaging. This solution involves functioning with two different roles -  Customer Administrator & Standard User.


Customer Administrator - Customer Administrator has access to assign and modify the licenses for the standard users and configure the templates to be used by them. We will help you set up the licenses and templates with easy steps discussed here.


Standard User - Once your customer administrator has configured the right licenses and the templates, you can start using Simple Template Messaging. If you are a standard user, jump ahead to Getting Started - Standard User.


Click on below topics to learn more about Simple Template Messaging.


Getting Started - Customer Administrator


- Setup Licenses

- Creating SMS Templates

- How do I define 'Editable Fields' for Simple Template Users?

- Viewing SMS Templates


Getting Started - Standard User


- What access do I have?

- Sending a Simple Message


Help me Debug

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.