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Omni Overview

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Omni is an intelligent messaging engine that let's you send text messages, rich media or interactive messages to any delivery channel through a single messaging platform. So send in your text message as an email, sms or as a voice call through Omni in one-click. In the era of smart devices, platforms like Omni eradicate the boundaries defined by messaging medium. Whether it is an email communication, IP message or an SMS, you can send the same text to multiple channels at the same time. The capability to automatically handle and support message delivery based on content, makes it a smart messaging solution.




Brian is an admin of Mobile Application firm and needs to inform his users about a recent outage and downtime experienced by company's mobile-apps. Almost 40% of users are available only on email while 55% have access to SMS text message. Rest 5% have access to IP messages. How will Brian use Omni to establish a quick communication to all his users in few clicks? Watch Omni in action!





Along with Omni, we have released a preference management system for Contacts. As a contact, now you have a choice to indicate which is your preferred mode to be contacted. While you are on a holiday, you wouldn't wish to receive SMS notifications for support shifts but only an email notification for referencing later on. So setup your choices and preferences under Contacts Personal Preference. Omni refers to individual's choices before launching the messages and handles message accordingly.

Please note: A license may be required in order to view or use the above features.